JH Engström: The Workshops are a series of short term photography workshops based just outside of Paris in Montrueil, France aimed to be completely individualized.  Participants in the groups should arrive with personal goals for the workshop, and Engström will guide the work towards each individual. These goals can include: editing and sequencing,  layout and book concepts, long term project guidance, methodology, material  experimentation, shooting sessions, learning about references and the history of  photography, and more — no matter where you stand in your artistic journey.

 The workshop will take place in JH Engström’s studio, surrounded by his photobook  library. The sessions will be split between group and individual presentations. The 8 person limit  allows for more one on one time with Engström and a deeper focus on each of the  participants. This group size also allows for exchange and connection, Engström believes  that these exchanges greatly increase the learning dynamic for everyone, and they have  proven to do so throughout his past workshops. Through group discussions about  photography and the creative process, the perspective on the medium will be greatly  broadened. By the end of the course, you can expect to have taken important and  concrete steps in the development and understanding of your own artistic practice.  The  workshops will occur twice a year, once in the spring, and once in the fall.  The first 5 day course will take place from November 11th-15th 2024.

After 30 years of teaching and workshop experience across the globe, Engström has a strong belief in smaller educational structures with a focus on individualization and one on one instruction, and a deep trust in simple tools. Engström created this new workshop series in order to help guide individuals through the creative labyrinth in intense, yet short periods of time, allowing the course to fit within anyone’s schedule.

Classes will be taught in english. Participants bring their own equipment.

Fees: €950 
Accommodation not included. Breakfast will be provided.

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